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Limitations of “Off-the-Shelf” District Assessments

Smarter tests. Less testing time. Quality data. Important needs that we frequently hear about when it comes to K–12 assessment. All assessment companies want to bring you products that meet these needs while delivering accurate results. No one wants to set students up for failure or waste time; we want testing that gives districts and teachers accurate measures of learning to inform instruction.

Unfortunately, some pre-built assessments that are readily available can fall short in meeting all of these needs. Districts struggle to sync up pre-built assessments with the scope and sequence of their curricula. This match of instruction and assessment is critical to provide accurate data that will inform and enhance teaching. Informative data is directly connected to the quality and alignment of the assessment used. Many districts see value and the benefit in creating their own assessments, but don’t have the time or resources to do so. Most customized assessments are too expensive to be a realistic option for many districts.

Assessment Solutions Built for Your District’s Needs

The good news is that Measured Progress, with more than 30 years of expertise in assessment development, can affordably customize effective, efficient, meaningful, tests built to your district’s specifications. Our experienced test developers will work with you to design and build test forms based on scope and pacing of your district’s curriculum, using content built specifically to college and career ready standards, including the Common Core. Your assessments can include:

  • Technology-enhanced items (TEIs)
  • Performance tasks
  • Traditional item types such as selected-response, short-answer, constructed-response, and extended-response
  • Rigorous NAEP-type items
  • PARCC® and Smarter Balanced® item types such as evidence-based selected-response, multi-select, and prose-constructed-response

Measured Progress will see the process through with the delivery of the tests as QTI packages for ingestion into an existing computer-based assessment platform. If you don’t have a suitable platform, we can publish your tests as downloadable PDF files that you can print locally, or we can offer the tests through one of our partner platforms.

So, ask yourself—are you sure your tests are assessing what you need to know about your students and showing how they are progressing through your instructional program? If not, we can help.

PARCC® is a registered mark of Parcc, Inc.

Smarter Balanced® is a registered trademark of the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium.

Topics: Classroom Assessment, Common Core, Formative Assessment, College and Career Readiness, Connecting Teaching and Learning

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